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Cross-Browser Compatibility Rendering

On a good day I love the challenge of building a web page that renders in everything, if that challenge didn’t exist I wouldn’t have a job.  On bad days I think ‘screw ‘em’ if they want to use an out of date browser then they get what they deserve.  There are so many amazing things we can do in web nowadays and those old browsers tie our hands and force us to dumb down the code or use patches and it’s ugly.  I like clean, simple code.  Anyways.  I’m really making this post to keep track of where I browser test.

1.  Litmus

I love litmus, it’s worth every penny.  Amazing for html emails and OK for websites.

Pros:  Beautiful Interface, quick clear results

Cons:  It doesn’t have the older browsers, it test on: Chrome 18 (mac/windows) FF 12 (mac/windows) IE 6,7,8,9 (windows) Opera 11.6 (windows) Iphone, Safari 5 (mac)

2.  Netrenderer

Pros:  It’s free, it has every version of explorer you could wish for

Cons: It cuts off the bottom of the site (is IE rendering my code that way or is your screenshot cut off?! I need to know!)

3.  Browsershots

Pros:  It’s free to a point*, it has every version of everything you could ever want to test (and browsers no one would ever waste their time testing)

Cons:  You get 120 free screenshots/day then you have to pay.  You’d be surprised how easy that is to do.  Then it’s $30/month.  That’s OK by me, it’s nice to have access to EVERYTHING.  It has a gross interface and it’s time consuming to choose your browsers each time (I suspect you can pick your preferences but I haven’t looked into it)

And there you have it, my go-to sites.  I should also mention:

I’m intrigued by browsercam but I’ve never tried it. 

I tried spoon.net.  I work on a mac so I had to use virtual PC.  By the time I got everything set up and tried a dozen times to get FF 3.5 to open it told me I had used up my free 2 minutes and had to pay.  Since I work on mac I gave up.  I love the idea, when they go to mac I will revisit.

I have to wonder, am I missing any good ones (specifically free good ones that have old versions of FF and Safari)?